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Imagine a society of a completely private digital life where your privacy is not weaponised against you just to sell you more things. Imagine a society where data is used for social good and value is distributed fairly.

Fair Data Society is a non-profit initiative that is reimagining the data economy and creating a fair and decentralised data layer. Fair Data Society recognises online privacy as a basic human right and a basis for progress for all.

1Developing fair data technology

2Defining Fair Data Society principles

3Educating & Raising awareness

Changing the world, 3 steps at a time

Trustless, decentralised & accountable

Fair Data Society DAC (Decentralised Altruistic Community) is a new way to catalyse people around a socially-beneficial goal. It’s hosted on Giveth, a decentralised charitable platform that enables fundraising combined with clear project breakdowns, milestones & documentation, project overseers and completely transparent funding. The DAC is also the first step towards a DAO.

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Fairdrop is the first dApp by Fair Data Society. A decentralised file transfer app built on blockchain technology that doesn’t collect any user data. It offers secure, fault-tolerant, encrypted, censorship- and DDOS-resistant file sharing.

Fair Data Society Principles

Tune into the world of privacy

WIP - a "Week In Privacy" Newsletter

A Week in Privacy is an easy-to-digest and time-saving newslet- ter that covers the latest and most relevant news for everyone working or following the fields of privacy and data.
1*o8rwnac3q15zsofflinnswA Week in Privacy #27MAR 19

In this week’s edition, we’ve put a bit more focus on facial recognition and the troubles it poses for those using it. Here’s the new WIP: If you like WIP, you can support it by contributing on Giveth. In this exhaustive piece The Guardian sits down with whistleblower Christopher Wylie about the...

1*3 pmdql8tf8d9twqsf0yxwA Week in Privacy #26MAR 12

A dry spell of intro ideas has hit this issue of WIP, so let’s skip it and get right to the point: If you like WIP, you can support it by contributing on Giveth. We would like to present to you the Fairdrop file transfer dapp. It’s the first blockchain dapp by...

1*3 pmdql8tf8d9twqsf0yxwFairdrop: Secure, priva...MAR 07

Our world is becoming increasingly digital and our freedom is at stake. The Web of today is plagued with aggressively expanding profiteering surveillance practices, design choices that erode our agency, invasive tracking, obnoxious advertising, centrally controlled services and an exploitive economy that’s almost completely removed from our sight. To a...

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From Data Slavery towards Fair Data Society

In the new world, data is labor. Recognition of data as labor acknowledges us as workers in the data economy. In addition, labor should not be exploited. We have fair trade, why not fair data?


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