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How to: A guide to Fairdrop

Fairdrop is a file transfer dapp and the first blockchain dapp by Fair Data Society based entirely on the Fair Data Society principles. Because of these principles, it doesn’t collect any personal data, while providing a smooth user experience. It offers a 256-bit ECDSA signature algorithm by default, doesn’t run on any central server, is fault tolerant, censorship resistant, DDOS resistant and has zero downtime. Nobody but you can know what you send, not even us.

Fairdrop was made with total respect for the individual’s privacy in mind. And for you to get the most out of Fairdrop, we’ve put together a graphic and easy-to-understand guide on how to use it. There are two ways you can send a file. Here we go:

Way №1

Step 1: Create a mailbox

To send files with Fairdrop both you and the recipient must have a Fairdrop mailbox. To create one click on the menu icon in the upper right corner. Choose your name and password and hit “Add Mailbox”. Wait a few seconds until your mailbox is created.

Step 2: Upload and sending a file

Now that you have a mailbox, click the left upper corner menu icon and choose “Send” (you can also choose to just store a file or send it unencrypted with the quick function). Choose a file you want to send (there’s currently a 5 MB limit), wait a few seconds until you’re prompted to enter a recipient. Type in the recipient’s mailbox, hit “Send” and “Encrypt and Send” again. You’re done!

Way №2

Step 1: Create mailbox and choose the recipient

You can also upload a file directly into the interface. You can choose either the “select” or “drop a file” option. If you drag & drop a file, you can choose to send it encrypted or to send it with the quick option which doesn’t encrypt the file. If you choose “select”, it will be automatically encrypted.

Let’s say you drag and drop the file and choose the encrypted option. You will be prompted to create a mailbox (or choose an existing one) and the recipient. Again, choose a mailbox name and password and enter the recipient. Hit “Create Mailbox and Send” and wait a few seconds

Step 2: Sending the file

After that just hit the “Encrypt and Send” to send files, wait a couple of seconds and you’re done! It’s as easy as that.

Quick option

This option will send an unencrypted file. Actually, it will store the file and provide the download link. Just drag & drop the file, choose “Send in a quick way” and hit “Send Unencrypted”. After a few seconds a download link will be generated, which you can choose to share with anyone you like. That’s it!

Exporting and Importing mailboxes

You can also export your mailbox to your computer so you won’t be prompted to create a new one every time you use Fairdrop. Just click the menu icon in the upper left corner, click “Settings” and “Export”. It will export your mailbox and its contents in a zip file. To import it, repeat the process but choose the “Import” option.

How to export your mailbox

How to import your mailbox

Try Fairdrop

Click here and start using Fairdrop: https://fairdrop.xyz/

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