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Swarm City joins Fair Data Society to build decentralized ride sharing

It is a great pleasure and an honor to welcome Swarm City into Fair Data Society. The energetic and tenacious team behind Swarm City is putting together a decentralized, peer-to-peer commerce application with built-in reputation.

Swarm City

Each new project to join Fair Data Society raises the initiative’s reputation, as it means we’re one step closer to achieving our goal: reimagining the data economy and pushing towards a data-based society that puts the rights of individuals first. But this push, this effort can only materialise if it is a collective effort. That’s why it is crucial for as many new members as possible to join if we’re to succeed.

What is Swarm City?

With Swarm City individuals can find each other in context-specific marketplaces to transact goods and services. Not only that, they can create their own marketplaces, and in return for earning a small per-transaction fee, they provide conflict resolution.

But the team’s main project is building a decentralized ride-sharing service. No centralized intermediary to dictate the terms and fees, just peers transacting and setting the conditions of their own marketplace. This project also became an independent campaign inside the Fair Data Society DAC on the Giveth platform.

Why is Swarm City joining Fair Data Society?

To create a decentralized ride-sharing service, the team also needs persistent decentralized data storage and messaging, and to keep its participants anonymous and private, if they wish to be.

By joining Fair Data Society and working alongside **Swarm, Swarm City will gain the resources to solve the problems with decentralized data persistence, messaging, and scaling. They’ll also get the tools for implementing privacy measures for their community. Since the latter will be based on the fds.js library, Fair Data Society will provide the Swarm City team with full support on how to implement it.

Fair Data Society is open to everyone!

If you feel that the current environment of oversized centralized services needs a better alternative and if our message resonates with you, we kindly invite you to join Fair Data Society. You can reach out to us on Riot or support the campaigns in our DAC.

Together we can create the change not only wish for one!

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2019-05-21 13:05