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We officially unveiled Fairdrop at the EthCC 2019

We officially unveiled Fairdrop at the EthCC 2019

On March 7 we wrapped up another EthCC in Paris. The event once again proved to be one of the most interesting and productive blockchain conferences in Europe and beyond. And that is exactly the reason why we chose it as the perfect event at which to unveil Fair Data Society’s first blockchain product, Fairdrop.

Along with Fairdrop we also released the accompanying fds.js library on GitHub, our open-source Serverless App Toolkit. It proved to be such a powerful tool that with it our CTO, Tadej Fius, built a completely decentralised chat application, Chattie, in just a couple of days!

But the really great thing about this library is that it represents the foundation for a personalised data storage. That’s because both Fairdrop and Chattie use the same storage layer to store their data, so you can access Fairdrop data from Chattie and vice versa! Think of it this way: it’s like reading your emails through your chat application, regardless which (combination of) chat and email applications you use.

Fair Data Society went public

In his talk, Gregor Žavcer also introduced the concept of Fair Data Society — a data-driven society based on technology that focuses on humans and their rights. A few projects immediately connected to the concept and we’re very glad to see that the idea of building a new data economy paradigm has intrigued other people as well. Stay tuned for updates.

Click the picture below and watch the 30 min talk from EthCC 2019.

The response gave us a renewed confidence about our vision and a strengthened reason to look forward to future collaborations. So keep following us. If Fair Data Society’s values and vision resonate with your project, you are more than welcome to join us.

You can learn more about Fair Data Society here

We also have some exciting partnership news in the pipeline, plus some other great ideas on how to make our privacy-protecting technology even better and more accessible.

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